September 25, 2021

Using sex toys is nothing new, but many people don’t know that using them with a partner will make everything even better. Let’s take a look at how your relationship will improve if you decide to take it a step further and try something new with your significant other. 

Lubricating Your Thoughts About Dildo

Dildos have been around for centuries, and people from all over the world use them. They are undoubtedly the most popular sex toys ever. Nothing can top them (pun intended). But there are still a couple of things we need to mention. The first is that many people fail to understand that couples and dildos go really well together. 


For the majority of sex toy enjoyers, a dildo is a solo-only toy that should be enjoyed on your own. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Buying a couple’s toy can be so much more. It is an excellent way to have even more fun in the bedroom, to enjoy foreplay, etc. There are no limits to what you can do with dildos. 


After all, the reason why so many couples use sex toys is that they are fun. It’s high time we got rid of the stigma surrounding adult toys as if they were something bad!

Men or Women? Who Should Do It First?

The oldest dildo known to humankind is 30,000 years old! This just shows that people have been using sex toys for a long time. As we said: it’s perfectly normal. 


Today, there are so many different versions you can find on the market. But who are dildos for, exactly? Well, the answer is simple — for whoever feels like enjoying them. There are no rules as to who can buy a sex toy.

Both men and women can use dildos without any problems. For ladies, the role of this sex toy is obvious. But guys don’t realize that dildos can act as prostate massagers too. Of course, if you are playing with your partner, a dildo is an excellent choice if you are looking to simulate double penetration. 


So, who should introduce sex toys? Well, that’s completely up to you. One partner might be more into the idea of using dildos, and whoever it is should bring up the topic. Remember that the key to a healthy relationship is communication. 

Getting the Precise Type for Couple Intimacy

The only way to feel pleasure while using a sex toy is to find a model suitable for you and your partner. Fortunately, there are plenty of different models you can find in your local sex shop or at Lovegasm. With that, you won’t have any problems with variety. You can find life-like dildos, ones made of stainless steel, silicone toys, remote-controlled ones, etc. The list goes on and on. 


Some people prefer realistic dildos when it comes to materials and design, while others are looking to expand their interest and try something new like temperature play, which requires something quite different, like glass toys. When it comes to the best dildos, it is all about quality, and you can find an excellent model regardless of what you are looking for. 

The Dildo Discourse: What Do Couples Think About Dildos?

Many people see sex toys as something intimate and personal. This is why using them with a partner can be beneficial to your relationship. It will bring the two of you together, increase intimacy, and make you love your partner even more. There are many sex toys for couples, and you should never listen to people who think it’s strange or unusual for partners to use them together.


We should mention that the most difficult part is bringing toys up when talking to your partner. At least for many couples. It can be scary, so it’s no wonder people are ashamed to discuss it. But talking to your partner is the only way to see if you are on the same page. When you figure that out, you can try out many different things, go shopping together, and so on. After all, you will use the toy together, so why not buy it as a couple?

Dildos Are Classic in Different Timelines

While the design has changed over the years, one thing will always stay the same — people will want to enjoy themselves and experience pleasure. Of course, no one can pinpoint the moment in time when the first couple tried using a dildo together. But today, it’s not something rare or unusual. 


Even a couple of decades ago, people were experimenting with different toys like butt plugs, cock rings, etc. Dildos are great during oral sex, and we already mentioned how fun they could be for double penetration, especially if you find a silicone dildo with a strong suction cup. 


Recently, we saw a couple of new sex toys for gay couples as well, and it only shows that people are less afraid to experiment with them. If one thing is certain, it is that we will get even more in the future. 

Love and Mood Changer Dildos

What changes when a couple starts using dildos together? A lot of things. One of the most important improvements on the list is communication. Talking about your wishes, desires, and feelings is essential for any relationship, and discussing something as your sex life can get you far. 


Talking about things will also help people understand that using a sex toy doesn’t mean that their partner is not enough. It just means that there is a new and exciting thing to try in the bedroom. Seeing each other having fun will allow both partners to have great sex, and it doesn’t matter which toy they are using. It is as simple as that. Furthermore, we all know about happy chemicals that are released when you orgasm, and it is just another thing to add to the list. 


Finally, using sex toys as a couple will help the flame burn a lot longer, and it will keep the passion and love for a significantly longer time. Many couples experience boredom doing the same thing over and over again, and using a dildo is an excellent way to keep adding variety to your relationship.