February 16, 2020

Some people use sex to relax when they are stressed. Others do it to strengthen their ties with their partner, or simply for the pleasure that comes from physical contact. We all have different reasons for loving sex, and different definitions of sexual pleasure. This observation prompted sexologist Vanessa Marin to try to identify different “types of sexual personality”, based on the work she has done with her patients over the past 15 years.

After establishing her own classification, she carried out a survey of her contacts and on social networks to ensure that no profile had been forgotten (she specifies that her data collection methods were “absolutely not scientists”).

In the end, she identified nearly ten sexual personalities. “We can never perfectly distribute the entire population in boxes, but it can be interesting to look for common points in each other’s experiences.

Types of Sexual Personality

To find out which profile suits you, go through the descriptions below and see which one speaks to you the most. If several suit you, try to identify the top three.

The stress relievers

When you feel overwhelmed, sex is your way to de-stress. You are targeting orgasm to release physical and mental pressure. You even go so far as to use sex (solo or as a couple) to help you fall asleep at night. “Sex is a way to decompress”, writes Vanessa Marin on her blog .

Your desire for sex can be aimed at easing tensions, or you simply revel in this moment of intense well-being that follows orgasm. But you sometimes give so much importance to the line of once you forget to take advantage of the trip, your partner can also blame you for not being present enough, because you are too focused on the goal.


For you, sex is all about trying new things in bed, and having fun without taking yourself too seriously. You are curious, eager to learn, and you like novelty. You are ready to try new things, even if you are not sure to enjoy. If the experience is not conclusive, you are able to laugh about it.

Fair trade enthusiasts

Generosity and sharing are crucial for you. You expect your partner to respond to your needs with enthusiasm, and you do so willingly in return. You value what your partner likes to give as much as you enjoy receiving, and vice versa.

If you feel that the other person is not as involved as you, it can destabilize you. If your partner seems a little somewhere else during a relationship, you tend to ask yourself questions, which prevent you from enjoying experience. This can sometimes be painful for your spouse.

The generous

In your eyes, sex is a gift to share for two.

Your partner’s sexual experience is at least as important as yours, if not more. You are very attentive to what the other person is feeling, and you are happy to know that you can please them.

But you may have trouble receiving when your turn arrives.

Being the center of attention or just receiving without immediate reciprocity can make you uncomfortable.

The gardians

You must absolutely feel safe with your sexual partner. You may have experienced trauma in the past.

You like to feel that sense of security that ties you to your partner. Respect for limits is dear to you, as is enthusiastic consent.

The passionates

For you, sex is pleasant only when it is intense and devouring, even animal.

During sex, you pay close attention to the energy that surrounds you both. You like to let go and get lost in the moment. The best for you is when time seems to stop.

The romantics

For you, the goal of sex is to connect with your partner on both an emotional and physical level. You can enjoy more intimate relationships with petting, eye contact and verbal interaction. You want to be present, without rushing. Romantics and Epicureans are quite similar, but the former need some emotional intimacy with their partner. Hitting one night isn’t their thing.


For you, sex must be a transcendent experience. Sex is more important than what’s going on inside you. You practice a religion or are a follower of Eastern philosophies such as Tantrism. If you have received a rigid moral education, it may be difficult for you to have a healthy sex life without feeling ashamed or feeling like you is being judged. For some spiritual people, the religious bond can pose some difficulties. Your religion may follow codes that you don’t fully adhere to or that embarrass you.

Fashion, design, health objects or simple fun? Depending on the type and occasion of use, sex toys can really be everything: toys or wellness tools, fashion trends or art objects. The difficulty of framing them has generated embarrassments or misleading simplifications over time “penis substitutes”, “dildo for spinsters”, “pornstar habits” or “secret weapons of the sex goddess” – but we give you a news: to use them more they are not single women but couples, responsible for 35% of 2017 sales compared to 25% for the 2014-2015 two-year period. A phenomenon so on the rise that it has attracted the attention – sometimes even the concern – of the media, as recently demonstrated by the investigation by Milena Gabanelli. But is there to trust? How should we treat them?

What can they do for us?

Let’s clarify what these sex toys really are: adult toys, of course, but sometimes something more.

The sex toy in couple relationships

According to a 2016 study conducted by PhD David Frederick of Chapman University, couples who use sex toys and in general are inclined to explore new forms of intimacy, maintain mutual sexual desire longer and, ultimately, last longer. The use of sex toys is accompanied by other activities such as taking a shower together, trying new positions, making surprises and staging role-playing games with sexy costumes and accessories.

The sex toys also contribute to instilling an atmosphere of play, relaxation and light-heartedness, easing tensions and alleviating performance anxiety, and can concretely help him to prolong the erection and she to reach one or more orgasms. It is also fun to use them without necessarily having a target, feeling the vibrations on the skin or discovering erogenous zones hitherto untouched. Not to mention that masturbating together, facing each other, is very exciting, especially for him. In short, the advantages are many and without any contraindications.

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